Team Building

Organised and delivered effectively, team building events are a very successful way to motivate, engage and communicate with your workforce.

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Event Matters organises and delivers team building events in their own right, or as part of a conference or training programme. Your event will be tailored to your precise objectives, whether stimulating effective communication, facilitating planning, encouraging participation, improving delegation or perhaps identifying future leaders.

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Designed to bring your colleagues together and generate team spirit, it can be as competitive as you wish, and team or individual successes can be celebrated appropriately.

We'll organise the entire event on your behalf... from designing and issuing invitations, managing response, finding an inspiring venue, devising interesting and challenging activities, and ensuring everything runs like clockwork. We can also collect independent feedback if you wish.

And more often than not, there's a social gathering afterwards, be it a drink at the bar, awards presentation or dinner, which completes a fun-filled and memorable day away from the office.

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  7. It's a Knock Out
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  9. Fairground Rides
  10. Archery and Country Sports
  11. Barbeques
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